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in Partnership with the St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter
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The St. Charles Humane Society's goal is to ensure all adoptable animals are provided a loving and caring home.  Before adopting a pet, make sure you have educated yourself on the care and feeding and whether you have the financial assets available to maintain the pet's health.  This is a lifetime commitment and should not be taken lightly. 

Adoptions are conducted during normal working hours.  The St. Charles Parish Animal Shelter is located at 921 Rue le Cannes, Luling, LA (see "Contact Us" for directions).

The adoption fee is $80.00 (cash or check only) which includes the cost for age-specific vaccines, rabies vaccination, de-worming, spaying/neutering, flea/tick control and microchipping.

Potential adopters will be required to complete St. Charles Humane Society Pet Adoption Questionnaire, Microchip Owner Form and the Adoption Certification. You will be required to present your driver's license as a form of identification. The completed forms will be thoroughly reviewed by the shelter staff before approval of the adoption.  

Some of the questions asked on the adoption questionnaire are:

1. Does your home have a yard? If so, is it fenced?

2. If you do not have a pet at this time but have owned one before, what happened to it?

3. List all of the animals you currently own (include type, age, sex, whether sterilized and where you obtained the pet).

4. Have you given a pet up to an animal shelter? If yes, why and when.

5. Where will the pet you are adopting be kept? Inside, Outside, Both

6. How many hours per day can you spend with your pet?

7. Are you financially prepared for the expenses involved with pet ownership (food, shots, medical bills, shelter)?

8. Are you willing to make a LIFETIME commitment to this pet?

9. Due to the conditions this pet has been surrounded by within the animal shelter, Animal Control and the Humane Society require that you visit your veterinarian within 72 hours following the adoption. Are you able to do this?

10. Do you have a veterinarian that you currently use or have used in the past? If so, who?

11. Are you aware of what Heartworms are, how they are contracted, and how they are harmful to your dog?

12. For hurricane season, what is your evacuation plan for your pet if a hurricane were to come?

After approval, you will be given the health record of the animal, rabies tag, microchip tag, your copy of the adoption certificate, information from our veterinarian regarding the care of your pet and a prescription for flea/tick preventon (if applicable) and a free bag of pet food.